1. -Get Pregnant
  2. Coordinate an Evans-Weyandt Family Get-Together (Kayla trip)
  3. Create Intentional Communication / Marriage Journal
  4. Swim in Lake Superior

Manifest a “Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course” with Kayla

  1. Beat Nana and Larry in Cribbage (*Nana left this world as the Cribbage champion)
  2. -10 Partner Pull-Ups
  3. Visit a new major city in Thailand or a new country
  4. Complete an adventure race with Jess and Aaron
  5. -Record 2 podcast episodes


    1. -Continue Daily Practice and Monthly Challenges
    2. -6-Ring Shoulder Stack Passing (10 passes on video)
    3. 7-Ring Leanback Passing (10 passes on video)
    4. 5-ball Foot-on-Foot DropDown (on video)
    5. 8-Club Flag (20 throws on video)
    6. -SlackLine Partner Juggling (10 passes with 6 clubs on video)
    7. CrossFit Circus video
    8. Acrobatic Trampoline Dunks and Juggling Alley-Oops Video
    9. -Secret video project #3
    10. -Dangerous Juggling: The Sequel
    11. 4-Step (2 rotations, one each way, on video)
    12. Hands-Free Slacker Mount (both ways on video)
    13. SuperFree Shoulder Stand (10 seconds on video)
    14. Hand-to-Hand (10-second balance from L-base on video)
    15. Perform “Sam Swing”
    16. -Reverse Two-High (both juggling 3 balls for 10 throws on video)
    17. Pirouette Pop 360 (both ways on video)
    18. -Pirouette Pop (1-Up 180 with 3 balls on video)
    19. -Standing Foot-to-Hand (30 seconds and 10 throws of 3 balls)
    20. Mega-Flag with Kayla (or Max) *but we got "bird sandwich"

    2017: outdoor ring video, new acro-yoga flow, 8c shoulder-stack



-Start the 52-in-52 blog.

-Complete 1 post a week (minimal) documenting 52-in-52

-Complete 1 post a month (extra) documenting other aspects of my life and cooking and Thailand and reading and pregnancy etc.


-30 Clean Pushups in a row (So far… 10)

-30 second handstand w/o moving

-90 second moving handstand (So far… 47)

-7 Strict Pullups in a row (So far… 3)

-55 Relay with Family

-Adventure Race with Family

-Complete 12 30-day Fitness Challenges

-3 pistol squats in a row, right and left legs (got 1 each leg!)


-Hold an inversion for 10 seconds

-Sit-start and walk a higher line where I can’t jump up.

-BBB Juggle on the slack line for 20 rights. (So far… 7)

-Juggle clubs for 20 rights and a clean finish on each foot.


-Make a 90 second BBB juggling routine to music.





Captain America: Civil War (Trish)


Finding Dory

Huntsman: Winter's War (Trish)


The Gift

Maze Runner 2 (Trish)

Spectre 007 (Trish)

The Martian

Straight Outta Compton

King and Queen of Moonlight Bay (Trish)


Captain Fantastic

Layer Cake

12 Years a Slave

Age of Adeline (Trish)

Now You See Me 2

The Dressmaker (Trish)

The Intern

Mockingjay Part 2 (Trish)

The Danish Girl

Chasing Mavericks


Great Expectations

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Trish)

Young Victoria (Trish)

You're Not You (Trish)

Suicide Squad (Trish)

A Little Chaos (Trish)


Papertowns (Trish)

The Pretty One (Trish)

Dior and I (Trish)


The True Cost

The Big Short


Every Secret Thing


Allegiant (Divergent 3) (Trish)


How to Dance in Ohio (Documentary)


The Greatest Game Ever Played

Jungle Book

How to Be Single (Trish)


Walk of Shame (Trish)

The Boss


Single Mom’s Club

Legend of Tarzan (Trish)

Pete's Dragon

Bad Moms


Fundamentals of Caring

The Hollars

Girl on the Train

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Don't Think Twice

Keeping Up With the Joneses


War Dogs



TV Shows:

The Good Place (Trish)

New Girl

The Flash (Trish)

Arrow (Trish)

Legends of Tomorrow (Trish)

An Idiot Abroad


-complete one month of the Whole30 diet

-Scar care

-wear Yoga Toes

-Shoulder Rehab

-Daily Supplements (thyroid, probiotic, inulin, pea protien, vitamins, fermented drinks, bone broth)



-Complete Pimsler’s 30 day lessons. (16-30)

-Complete 23 ThaiPod101 Picture lessons (new topic every two weeks)

-Complete the 5 Beginner Thai for Every Day lessons on ThaiPod101.


    -Organize “booknotes” into folders

    -Convert old VHS tapes to digital files

    -Finish building bobandtrish.com

    1. One-minute handstand (on video)
    2. -Make “Side by Side” juggling tutorial
    3. -Make “Zig Zag” juggling tutorial
    4. -Finish 2000 meter row in under 7 minutes
    5. Read 52 books
    6. Weekly Slackline practice
    7. 4-club singles for 100 throws on slackline
    8. 4-club doubles for 50 throws on slackline
    9. 5-ball juggling on slackline for 50 throws
    10. SlackLine Juggling (walking 10 steps forward-back with 3 clubs)
    11. SlackLine Juggling (3 clubs on back for 20 throws)
    12. 3 clubs for 50 throws in “exposure” position on slackline
    13. 3 clubs with both feet, stationary on slackline for 50 throws
    14. -10 pull-ups with 20 kg. weight
    15. Flip the BIG tire at CrossFit Chiang Mai
    16. -4 consecutive knee-drops while juggling 3 clubs on slackline
    17. Slackline sit starts (both sides)
    18. Pistol squats while 4-ball juggling
    19. -Pistol squats while 5-ball juggling
    20. 5 Back-Juggling Tricks with 5 Balls (including 744)
    21. Shuffle Up and Down the Slackline
    22. 4-club back juggling (50 throws of double spins)
    23. -5-basketball juggling for 1 minute
    24. -Walk the length of a slackline blindfolded
    25. -Make "Leanback" Tutorial for AcroJuggling
    26. -Make Back-Juggling Tutorial for AcroJuggling
    27. -Make "Throne" Tutorial for AcroJuggling
    28. Connect 5 different siteswaps in a 4-ball Back Juggling Sequence


What to Expect when You’re Expecting (Murkoff)

Girls Get Curves: Geometry (McKellar)

Hot X: Algebra (McKellar)

What Babies Say Before They Can Talk (Holinger)

Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot (Sundahl)

I’m No Angel (Bisutti)

Cooking for Baby (Barnes)

The Mother’s Guide to Sex (Semans)

Natural Born Heroes (McDougall)

Eat More Better (Pashman)

See Me (Sparks)

Sounds Like Me (Bareilles) RECOMMEND!

City of Heavenly Fire (Clare)

The Winner’s Trilogy (Rutkoski)

Vampire Academy (Cast)

Winter (Meyer)

The List

The Magicians Series (Grossman)

Control 2 (Kang)

Crazy Love

Powers of Two

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Bel Canto (Patchett)

Wool (Howey)

Woman Code (Vitti)

Man's Search for Meaning (Frankl)

Microbiome Solution

Casual Vacancy

Brainstorm, the Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

Superbrain (Chopra)

Clean Gut

The Girl in the Spider's Web

The Opposite of Spoiled

Sounds Like Me










Jungle Book

The Fundamentals of Caring

The Dressmaker


Anything You Want (Sivers)

The Time Paradox (Boyd)

Pastrix (Nadia Bolz-Weber)

Get Some Headspace (Puddicombe)

A Guide to the Good Life (Irvine)

Smartcuts (Snow)

Radical Acceptance (Brach)

The QB (Feldman)

The Game (Strauss)

How to Be Interesting (Hagy)

The Way of Zen (Watts)

The Reason I Jump (Higashida)

Sapiens (Harari)

Accidental Saints (Bolz-Weber)

The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo (Schumer)

When Cultures Collide (Lewis)

Rising Strong (Brown)

Small Victories (Lammott)

Mindsight (Siegel)

Agnostic (Hazleto)

Girls and Sex (Orenstein)

The Biology of Belief (Lipton)

Here's the Deal: Don't Touch Me (Mandel)

Adultery (Coehlo)

Rob Delaney (Delaney)

The Microbiome Solution (Chutkan)

Group Genius (Sawyer)

The Inevitable (Kelly)

Autobiography of Benjaming Franklin

The Third Wave (Case)

Program or Be Programmed (Rushkoff)

Give and Take (Grant)

BAM (Lee)

Smarter than you Think (Thompson)

The Undoing Project (Lewis)

Mastery (Greene)

The Seven Basic Plots (Booker)

Intimate Terrorism (Miller)

The Professional (Heinz)

Present Shock (Douglas Rushkoff)

Everything by Douglas Rushkoff

Impossible to Ignore (Simon)

The Naked Now (Rohr)

Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Feynman)

Becoming Wise (Tippett)

The Antidote (Burkeman)

What Every Body is Saying (Navarro)

The Rise of Superman (Kotler)

West of Jesus (Kotler)

Tomorrowland (Kotler)

10% Happier (Harris)

Creativity, Inc. (Catmull)

Improvise (Napier)

The Righteous Mind (Haidt)

Untethered Soul (Singer)

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Kondo)

Chasing Water (Ervin)

The Geography of Bliss (Weiner)

Searching for Sunday (Evans)

What Got You Here Won't Get You There (Goldsmith)

Faith / Doubt (Bakker)

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff (Moore)

Presence (Cuddy)

Open (Agassi)

Originals (Grant)

Pathways to Bliss (Campbell)

Modern Romance (Ansari)

The Aims of Education (Whitehead)

You Are a Badass (Sincero)

Adventures in Human Being (Francis)

Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts (Haddad)

*IR* Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage (Lansing)

The Clock of the Long Now (Brand)

(Pope Francis)

One Person/Multiple Careers (Alboher)

Spiritual Bypassing (Masters)

Life in Motion (Copeland)

Wildflower (Barrymore)

Shadow Dance (Richo)

Introvert Power (Helgoe)

Hold Me Tight (Johnson)

Everything Belongs (Rohr)

Essays in Love (Alain de Botton)

Telling Secrets (Buechner)

Yogi Entrepreneur (Main)

Eastern Body, Western Mind (Judith)

The Straight-A Conspiracy (Maats)

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook (Davies)

The Practice of Natural Movement (Le Corre)

The Shallows (Carr)

Riveted (Davies)

Tibetan Peach Pie (Robbins)

Why Not Me? (Kaling)

Civilized to Death (Ryan)

Esther Perel's New Book

Sparks of Genius (Bernstein)

Duel in the Sun (Brant)

Imperfect (Abbott)

Drops Like Stars (Bell)

What We Talk About When We Talk About God (Bell)

Less is More (VadenBroeck)

The Truth (Strauss)

Not That Kind of Girl (Dunham)

Reclaiming Conversation (Turkle)

The Opposite of Spoiled (Lieber)

Parenting Without Borders (Gross-Loh)

Our Babies, Ourselves (Small)

Animals in Translation (Grandin)

Alone Together (Amato)

*IR* A Primate's Memoir (Sapolsky)

*IR* The Trouble with Testosterone (Sapolsky)

Monkeyluv (Sapolsky)

Mate (Max)

Zoobiquity (Natterson-Horowitz)

*Animal Madness (Braitman)

*Beyond Words (Safina)

*Animal Wise (Morell)

The MELT Method (Hitzmann)

Elon Musk (Vance)

*A Perfect Mess (Abrahamson)

Sacred Cows (Teller)

The Book of Doing and Being (Bain)

A Good Man (Shriver)

The Upside of Your Dark Side (Kashdan)

The School of Greatness (Howes)

Creative Schools (Robinson)

Better than Before (Rubin)

Mindsharing (Zoref)

The Organized Mind (Levitin)

The Wisdom of the Enneagram

The Writer's Journey

How We Learn (Carey)

Creativity (Petit)

Dropping Ashes on the Buddha (Sahn)

My Foot Is Too Big for the Glass Slipper (Reece)

Alignment Matters (Bowman)

The Wild Oats Project (Rinaldi)

Orange is the New Black (Kerman)

The Men on My Couch (Engler)

The Female Brain (Brizendine)

The Rise of the Creative Class (Florida)

Don't Just Sit There (Bowman)

Age of Propaganda (Pratkanis)

Bold (Diamandis)

Free+Style (Paoli)

Pronoia (Brezsny)

Where Good Ideas Come From (Johnson)

101 Amazing Knock Knock Jokes (Goldstein)

*Tao Te Ching

*How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia (Hamid)

*The Last Child in the Woods

The First 20 Minutes (Reynolds)

Black Swan (Taleb)

Overcoming Gravity - Updated Edition (Low)

The Tao of Chip Kelly (Saltveit)

Come As You Are (Nagoski)

Sex Outside the Lines (Donaghue)

Becoming a Supple Leopard (Starrett)

Be Prepared (Greenberg)

Happiest Baby on the Block (Karp)

First-time Parent (Atkins)

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (Gaskin)

Birthing from Within (England)

Sum it Up (Summit)

Leaving Microsoft to Change the World (Wood)

Wonder Weeks (Plooij)

Furiously Happy (Lawson)

Grown-Up Marriage (Viorst)

(Frank Schaeffer)

Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness (Sardello)

Insurrection (Peter Rollins)

Immortal Diamond (Rohr)

Out of Sorts (Sarah Bessey)

You Are the Placebo (Dispenza)

How to Be Here (Rob Bell)




How to Dance in Ohio

Jungle Book

Fundamentals of Caring



One-Way Ticket

Captain Fantastic

Don't Think Twice


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