make a juggling video that features a real monkey and an elephant

renew USA teaching certificates

visit 4 new countries

create a "Hong Kong Juggling" video

create a "Bali Juggling" video

create a "Thailand Juggling" video (lots of them!)

manifest Evans-Weyandt get-together in Iron River, WI

play soccer golf in New Glarus, WI

swim in Lake Superior

perform a free show at a home for the elderly

(but we did give free massages at a community center for elders)

manifest the "3rd almost-annual epic bike race" for Max and Andres

manifest "ninja warrior obstacle course" for Kayla

have a Bud Light with Grandpa Steve

eat a pizza at Ambassador restaurant in Houghton, MI

beat Nana and Grandpa Larry in cribbage (tried... lost twice)

read/discuss 3 books together

thai massage certification

record/publish 12 podcast episodes

create/perform dance routine

create a collaboration video with Whistle Sports

get YouTube revenue over $100 per month

sell $900 worth of old stuff to buy this stand-up paddleboard

invest $1000+

set 7-9 ball routine to music

make a trick shot video with Katie

make a trick shot video with Reegan, Haddie, and Brady

meet with a financial advisor

continue weekly juggling practice

continue weekly acro practice


6-club leanback (10 passes… double spin)

6-ring leanback (20 throws each... not passing)

6-ring leanback (10 passes)

7-ring leanback (10 passes)

7-club leanback (10 passes)

7-ball leanback trick shot

7-ring foot-on-foot passing (10 passes)

5-ball foot-on-foot drop down (video)

7-club trick from "carpool lane" video (20 throws)

3+ acro-juggling poses on SUP board (make a video)

create/perform hat-themed routine (15-20 minutes)

create/perform a 7-minute halftime show

tandem cartwheel (one rotation)

flying flag mount

8-club flag (20 throws each)

learn all the moves/drills in this video(breakdown)

pirouette pop with juggling (1-up 180 juggling)

cheerleader hand-foot overhead press

tandem surfing side star pose

hangle dangle with juggling (10 throws of Bob juggling 3 balls)

T-base acro flow

10 partner pull-ups

two-high water skuggle

partner push-up counterbalance (30 seconds)

partner push-up counterbalance (T juggle 3 balls for 10 throws) crow-camel (30 seconds)

crow-camel (T juggle 3 balls for 10 throws)

thigh stand with face balance (picture)

learn jump-mount to shoulder stack

dirty dancing juggling with 5 balls (21 throws on video)


daily flexibility and dynamic movement practice

daily morning pages

weekly artist’s date

weekly yoga tutorial or class
weekly dance tutorial or class

create "rings" video with new camera

continue daily juggling practice

run 2-3 times per week (CrossFit conditioning though!)

make partner juggling tutorials (side-by-side, zig-zag, passing)

make tutorial video with Ty (almost)

go on a road trip with Becca (lots of good times, but no road trip... next year?)

walk on hands (5 meters forward and back without falling)

break current Guinness world record for 3-club blind juggling

juggle 5 basketballs for 1 minute (38 seconds)

book NBA/WNBA halftime show

read 52 books list

create juggling bucket list card and work towards it every day

7-ball juggling (3 consecutive runs of 15 throws)

3 footbag, feet-only juggling (3 throws)

6-ball juggling (3 consecutive runs of 50 throws)

create solo ball-juggling routines (3, 4, 5)

create solo club-juggling routines (3, 4, 5) *just 3

finish Artist’s Way 12-week program

publish one writing project every month (blog post, article, etc.)

20 pull-ups

1 minute handstand on video

film "4 rings, 2 bballs shot" with full-size balls and new camera

film "5 basketballs, all in" shot with full-size balls and new camera

create a 10-shot trick shot video with new camera (10 shots)

create a "learn to juggle 3 balls" tutorial with new camera



run a race with Jess

daily, evolving fitness plan

front walk-over

back walk-over and back handspring

left and right splits for 1:00 (all the way down) (current record :15)

30-second hand-stand w/o moving (current record :24)


be adrenally healthy

be gut healthy

cook with real food


listen to the TED Radio Hour podcast episodes

publish an e-book about our marriage journals

finish Pimsler Thai Listening CDs

record and share 3 original songs (2 are recorded... videos in process)

make homemade toothpaste

daily morning pages

read the listed books


A Guide to Better Movement (Hargrove)

The New I Do (Gagoua and Larson)

So Good They Can’t Ignore You (Newport)

The Artist’s Way (Cameron)

So You Want to Open a Yoga Studio (Tanner. Bowersox)

The Hoops Whisperer (Ravin)

The Shared Heart (Vissell)

Inner Game of Music (Galloway)

Meet Your Happy Chemicals (Breuning)

Scary Close (Miller)

How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck (Stockman)

Immortal Diamond (Rohr)

Improvise (Napier)

Yoga Anatomy (Kaminoff)

Crush It (Vaynerchuk)

Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts (Haddad)

Meditations (Hays)

Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage (Lansing)

The Clock of the Long Now (Brand)

Amusing Ourselves to Death (Postman)

Leaves of Grass (Whitman)

Waking Up (Harris)

Slow Sex (Daedone)

A More Beautiful Question (Berger)

The Fourth Turning (Strauss)

The Joy of the Gospel (Pope Francis)

One Person/Multiple Careers (Alboher)

The Culture of Narcissism (Lasch)

Spiritual Bypassing (Masters)

Millionaire Next Door (Stanley)

Pain Free (Egoscue)

Telling Secrets (Buechner)

Guns, Germs, and Steel (Diamond)

Zero to One (Thiel)

The Everything Store (Stone)

The Happiness of Pursuit (Guillebeau)

Powers of Two (Shenk)

Move Your DNA (Bowman)

The Erotic Mind (Morin)

Thinking Fast and Slow (Kahneman)

Yogi Entrepreneur (Main)

Eastern Body, Western Mind (Judith)

Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart (Epstein)

We Learn Nothing (Kreider)

The ZimZum of Love (Bell)

Movement (Cook)

Advances in Functional Training (Boyle)

The Paleo Manifesto (Durant)

The Straight-A Conspiracy (Maats)

What To Do When It’s Your Turn (Godin)

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook (Davies)

The Practice of Natural Movement (Le Corre)

Improvised (Konie)

The Shallows (Carr)


Monkey Mind (Smith)

A Mountain Stands (Sonnon)

Wonder (Palacio)

Riveted (Davies)

Sparks of Genius (Bernstein)

Duel in the Sun (Brant)

Drops Like Stars (Bell)

Less is More (VadenBroeck)

Yes Please (Poehler)

*The Truth (Strauss)

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Adams)

*Not That Kind of Girl (Dunham)

Siddhartha (Hesse)

Reclaiming Conversation (Turkle)

The Opposite of Spoiled (Lieber)

Parenting Without Borders (Gross-Loh)

Our Babies, Ourselves (Small)

Animals in Translation (Grandin)

Alone Together (Amato)

A Primate's Memoir (Sapolsky)

The Trouble with Testosterone (Sapolsky)

Monkeyluv (Sapolsky)

*Zoobiquity (Natterson-Horowitz)

*Animal Madness (Braitman)

*Beyond Words (Safina)

*Animal Wise (Morell)

Relaxation Revolution (Benson)

Tao of Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee)

The MELT Method (Hitzmann)

*Elon Musk (Vance)

Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change (Chodrin)

A Perfect Mess (Abrahamson)

Hungry (Lott)

The End of Jobs (Pearson)

Sacred Cows (Teller)

The Book of Doing and Being (Bain)

A Good Man (Shriver)

The Upside of Your Dark Side (Kashdan)

Big Magic (Gilbert)

Super Better (McGonigal)

Upside of Stress (McGonigal)

School of Greatness (Howes)

Creative Schools (Robinson)

*Better than Before (Rubin)

Mindsharing (Zoref)

Natural Born Heroes (McDougall)

The Wisdom of the Enneagram

The Writer's Journey

Unbroken (Hillenbrand)

How We Learn (Carey)

Beyond the Grind (Rogenmoser and Hull)

Improvisation for the Spirit (Goodman)

Do Over (Acuff)

Creativity (Petit)

Start (Acuff)

Dropping Ashes on the Buddha (Sahn)

The Art of Asking (Palmer)

The Effective Executive (Drucker)

Our Inner Ape (Frans de Waal)

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers (Sapolsky)

Incognito (Eagleman)

Force of Nature (Laird Hamilton)

My Foot Is Too Big for the Glass Slipper (Reece)

The Roll Model (Miller) *get paperback version

Alignment Matters (Bowman)

A Billion Wicked Thoughts (Ogas and Gaddam)

A Curious Mind (Grazer)

Brain Maker (Perlmutter)

The Wild Oats Project (Rinaldi)

The Men on My Couch (Engler)

The Female Brain (Brizendine)

Whole Body Barefoot (Bowman)

The Rise of the Creative Class (Florida)

Don't Just Sit There (Bowman)

Social Animal (Brooks)

Age of Propaganda (Pratkanis)

*Bold (Diamandis)

Exuberant Animal (Forencich)

Beautiful Practice (Forencich)

Sick in the Head (Apatow)

Stresscraft (Forencich)

Change Your Body, Change the World (Forencich)

Free+Style (Paoli)

Pronoia (Brezsny)

The Primal Connection (Sissons)

The Primal Blueprint (Sissons)

*Where Good Ideas Come From (Johnson)

*Tao Te Ching

*How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia (Hamid)

Not Fade Away: A Short Life Well Lived (Shames)

*The Last Child in the Woods

The Story of the Human Body (Lieberman)

Just Kids (Smith)

The First 20 Minutes (Reynolds)

Inside the Box (Murphy)

Antifragile (Taleb)

*Black Swan (Taleb)

Overcoming Gravity - Updated Edition (Low)

Beyond Training (Greenfield)

The Tao of Chip Kelly (Saltveit)

Sounds Like Me (Bareilles)

Stupid on Purpose (Messick)

Ultimate Athleticism (Shank)

Conquer Your Uneven Hips (Schnieder)

Come As You Are (Nagoski)

Sex Outside the Lines (Donaghue)

Becoming a Supple Leopard (Starrett)

All Joy and No Fun (Senior)

Be Prepared (Greenberg)

Happiest Baby on the Block (Karp)

First-time Parent (Atkins)

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (Gaskin)

Birthing from Within (England)

Wonder Weeks (Plooij)

Furiously Happy (Lawson)

Grown-Up Marriage (Viorst)

(Frank Schaeffer)

(Peter Rollins)

Out of Sorts (Sarah Bessey)

How to Be Here (Rob Bell)


The One (Cass)

Money: Master the Game (Robbins)

Vagabonding (Potts)

Final Vows (Kingsbury)

Think and Grow Rich - For Women (Lechter)

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind (Suzuki)

Very Thai (Cornwel-Smith)

Leaving Time (Picoult)

Taking Charge of Your Fertility (Weschler)

NEXT YEAR What to Expect When You're Expecting (Murkoff)

Open Heart, Clear Mind (Chodron)

The Four-Hour Series (Ferris) -booknotes

Difficult Conversations (Stone)

The Talent Code (Coyle)

NEXT YEAR Girls Get Curves: Geometry (McKellar)

NEXT YEAR Hot X: Algebra (McKellar)

NEXT YEAR What Babies Say Before They Can Talk (Holinger)

Third Culture Kids (Pollock)

Anything You Want (Sivers)

NEXT YEAR Palo Alto (Franco)

Edible French (Dusoulier)

The Yogi Entrepreneur (Main)

So You Want to Open a Yoga Studio (Tanner)

I am That Girl (Jones)

NEXT YEAR Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot (Sundahl)

NEXT YEAR Brain Rules for Baby (Medina)

I Hunt Killers (Lyga)

NEXT YEAR I'm No Angel (Bisutti)

NEXT YEAR When Doctors Don't Listen (Wen)

NEXT YEAR One Person/Multiple Careers (Alboher)

Crush It (Vaynerchuk)

Mind in the Making (Galinsky)

Buddhism for Beginners (Chodron)

Thinking Fast and Slow (Kahneman)

The Baby Book (Sears)

The Girl with All the Gifts (Carey)

Not That Kind of Girl (Dunham)

Windows to Our World (Brown)

The Total Money Makeover + workbook (Ramsey)

Big Little Lies (Moriarty)

The Invisible Gorilla (Chabris)

I will teach you to be rich (Sethi)

Unconditional Parenting (Kohn)

When Things Fall Apart (Chodron)

More Blood, More Sweat (Reynolds)

NEXT YEAR Cooking for Baby (Barnes)

Winter (Meyer)

NEXT YEAR The Mother's Guide to Sex (Semans)

NEXT YEAR Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding (Gaskin)

NEXT YEAR The Nursing Mother's Companion (Huggins)

*Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers (Moosewood Collection)

*Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Recipes (Gladstar)


The Third Twin (Follet)

Whiteout (Follet)

The Autoimmune Solution (Myers, M.D.)

Final Vows (Kingsbury)

Masters of Sex (Maier)

Future Crimes (Goodman)

The Sin Eater's Daughter (Salisbury)

Super Better (McGonigal)

Natural Born Heros (McDougall)

Island Beneath the Sea (Allende)

Eat More Better (Pashman)

Wildflower (Barrymore)

See Me (Sparks)

Big Little Lies (Moriarty)

Sounds Like Me (Bareilles)

Slavery Inc (Cacho)

The Heir (Cass)

Reality is Broken (McGonigal)

If I Stay (Forman)

Where She Went (Forman)

Slow Sex (Daedone)

Eyes on You (White)

Final Vows (Kingsbury)

Speak (Anderson)

Yes Please (Poehler)

The Martian (Weir)

City of Heavenly Fire (Clare)

The Winner's Trilogy (Rutkoski)

Vampire Academy

*books for reference, not to read cover to cover

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