1. Baby (Jasper!)
  2. -Barely Balanced Bat Pose (3-person acrobatic-juggling stunt)

-Create 2017 World Trick Shot Day video

  1. -Coordinate Evans-Weyandt Golf Outing

-Visit Cambodia and Myanmar

  1. -Serve at an orphanage
  2. -Experience Chiang Mai hot springs
  3. Play golf in Thailand
  4. -Experience 4D movie in Chiang Mai


    1. -Continue Daily Practice
    2. -Keep "Circus School At the Park" alive and growing
    3. -Make Thai Village juggling beanbags available for online orders
    4. -Create a Ring/Knife Act
    1. -Create CHIANG MAI RINGS video
    1. -Create and perform a new acro-yoga flow (with hand-to-hand)
    2. -Feature Mark and Lanna students in 2017 Christmas video
    3. -6-Ring Shoulder Stack Passing (10 passes on video)
    4. -SlackLine Partner Juggling (10 passes on two lines with 6 clubs)
    1. -Standing Foot-to-Hand (30 seconds and 10 throws of 3 balls)
    2. -8-club two-high (standing on shoulders) - 30 throws each
    3. -8-object leanback with torches and knives



-30 Clean Pushups in a row (So far… 10)

-30 second handstand w/o moving

-90 second moving handstand (So far… 47)

-7 Strict Pull-ups in a row (So far… 3)

-Yoga Challenge with Nicole (start Jan 9)

-Go for a trail run

-Go mountain biking

-Stand on a Yoga Ball for 1 minute

-Make and Release Acro Yoga Music Video

-Get into and hold a cane handstand for 10 seconds

-Daily Meditation

-Daily Devotional


-Attend a Thai class at Lanna

-Learn the Thai Alphabet


-Make pickled asparagus, carrot, cabbage kraut

-Make Super Cookies (Recipe from DJ)

-Make Chana Masala (my new favorite Indian food!)

-Try a new food


-Set up and organize lesson materials for all classes for next year.

-Incorporate the placebo effect in the classroom.

-Master Geogebra.

-Incorporate more games and discovery into lessons.


-Host a game night

-Go to church with Hanni

-Design and have a dress made



      -Make tutorials for zig-zag, two-headed juggler, throne, reverse throne, back juggling, leanback, etc.

        -12-club feed with David and Aiken

        -9-club feed with Mark and Trish

          -Record 5 Lanna students juggling 3 clubs at same time

          -Record 7 Lanna students juggling 3 rings at same time

          -Create LANNA JUGGLING video

          -Learn the name of every student at Lanna

          -5-ring color-change trick

          5-ring juggling on a slackline (21 throws)

          8-ball multiplex juggling (4 tosses, synch and asynch)


      -Organize “booknotes” into categorical folders and add authors

      -Convert old VHS tapes to digital files

      -Build bobandtrish.com

      -Record a ukulele song with Kayla

      -Meditate or Journal everyday

      Help Ty and Mady learn to swing dance together


    -4 consecutive knee-drops while juggling 3 clubs on slackline

    1. -Create BACK JUGGLING video
    2. -5-basketball juggling for 1 minute
    3. -Walk the length of a slackline blindfolded
      1. -Juggle 5 rings on back (21 throws)

      -Make 50 straight "UniHoops" continuous basketball juggling shots

        -5 new tennis can juggling moves

        -Backcrosses on slackline line (10 each leg)

        -744 (10 times in one run) move from 5-ball back juggling

        -3 consecutive mounts and 10-second holds on handstand canes

          -Bounce juggling (lift to bounce to lift)

          -Juggling 3 clubs while walk a full "longline"

          -5 new back-juggling club tricks

            -Create SLACKLINE JUGGLING video

            -Juggle 5 basketballs for one-minute

            Stand on a yoga ball for one minute

            Juggle 5 balls while standing on a yoga ball (50 throws)

            1. -Finish 2000 meter row in under 7 minutes
            2. -Pistol squats while 5-ball juggling
            3. Walking on hands (5 meters forward)


      Read 5 fiction books

      -Read Supple Leopard


What to Expect when You’re Expecting (Murkoff)

Girls Get Curves: Geometry (McKellar)

Hot X: Algebra (McKellar)

Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot (Sundahl)

I’m No Angel (Bisutti)

The Winner’s Trilogy (Rutkoski)

Control 2 (Kang)

Woman Code (Vitti)

Man's Search for Meaning (Frankl)

Grey (James)

Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body (Marchant)

Girls and Sex (Orenstein)

Superbrain (Chopra)

How to Raise an Adult (Lythcott-Haims)

The Trespasser (French)

You Are the Placebo (Dispenza)

Small Great Things (Picoult)


1. Life, Animated

2. The Girl on the Train

3. Passengers

4. Keeping Up With the Joneses



Life, Animated


The Beach

12 Years a Slave

Great Expectations

The True Cost



Single Mom’s Club

Pete's Dragon

The Hollars

Girl on the Train

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children


Man From U.N.C.L.E



Keeping up with the Joneses


The Good Place

The Flash


Scorpion (NEW)

New Girl

Modern Family


The Knowledge (Pressfield)

Brain Rules for Baby (Medina)

Give and Take (Grant)

The Push (Caldwell)

Stealing Fire (Kotler)

The Heart and the Fist (Greitens)

The Slight Edge (Olson)

No Finish Line (Runyan and Jenkins)

Forward (Wambach)

The Circle (Eggers)

Birth Skills (Sundin)

Goat Man (Thwaites)

Simplicity Parenting (Kim John Payne)

Stargirl (Spinelli)

Love, Stargirl (Spinelli)

Fight Club (Palahniuk)

American Gods (Gaiman)

Lift (Kunitz)

What Doesn't Kill Us (Carney)

A Man Called Ove (Backman)

The Conscious Parent (Tsabary)

Gut (Giulia Enders)

The Undoing Project (Michael Lewis)

When Things Fall Apart (Pema Chodrin)

The Happiest Baby on the Block (Harvey Karp)

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer (Tracy Hogg)

Tribes (Junger)

The Expectant Father (Brott)

The Danish Way of Parenting (Alexander and Sandahl)

Go Wild (Ratey)

My Booky Wook (Russell Brand)

Eleven Rings (Jackson)

Carry On, Warrior (Melton)

How To Raise An Adult (Lythcott-Haimes)

Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?

David and Goliath (Gladwell)

Cat Sense (Bradshaw)

Game Changer (Ken Reed... about Phil Lawler)

NurtureShock (Bronson and Merryman)

Benjamin Franklin (Isaacson)

The Score Takes Care of Itself (Walsh)

Get Some Headspace (Puddicombe)

The Girl With All the Gifts (Carey)

Runnin' the Show (Devenzio)

When Cultures Collide (Lewis)

The No-Cry Sleep Solution (Pantley)

A Perfect Mile (Bascomb)

I'm Just a Person (Notaro)

On Immunity (Biss)

Stop Walking on Eggshells (Mason)

Fast Girl (Suzy Favor Hamilton)

Birth Matters (Ina May Gaskin)

10 Ways to Grow Tiny Superhumans (Greenfield)

Group Genius (Sawyer)

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia (Mohsin Hamid)

Option B (Sandberg and Grant)

Extreme Ownership (Willink and Babin)

Smarter than you Think (Thompson)

The Undoing Project (Lewis)

Mastery (Greene)

The Seven Basic Plots (Booker)

Intimate Terrorism (Miller)

Spiritual Misfit (DeRusha)

The Professional (Heinz)

Present Shock (Douglas Rushkoff)

The Continuum Concept (Jean Liedloff)

The Idle Parent (Tom Hodgkinson)

Everything by Douglas Rushkoff

Impossible to Ignore (Simon)

Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Feynman)

West of Jesus (Kotler)

Tomorrowland (Kotler)

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth (May)

The Year of Yes (Rhimes)

The First 20 Minutes (Reynolds)

Emergency (Strauss)

Religion for Atheists (de Botton)

Pump. Work. Repeat (Shortall)

Suggestible You (Vance)

Dangerous Passion (Buss)

Movement Matters (Bowman)

Paleofantasy (Zuk)

Age of Opportunity (Steinberg)

Awareness through Movement (Feldenkrais)

F*ck Feelings (Bennet)

The Leadership Gap (Daskel)

Teach Like a Pirate

Just Courage (Haugen)

Eye of the Tempest (Oppel)

Love Warrior (Glennon Doyle Melton)

The Highly Sensitive Person (Aron)

Gut (Enders)

Improvise (Napier)

Why Women Have Sex (Meston and Buss)

The Righteous Mind (Haidt)

Pathways to Bliss (Campbell)

Adventures in Human Being (Francis)

Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts (Haddad)

*IR* Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage (Lansing)

The Clock of the Long Now (Brand)

(Pope Francis)

One Person/Multiple Careers (Alboher)

Spiritual Bypassing (Masters)

Life in Motion (Copeland)

Shadow Dance (Richo)

Essays in Love (Alain de Botton)

Telling Secrets (Buechner)

Yogi Entrepreneur (Main)

Eastern Body, Western Mind (Judith)

The Straight-A Conspiracy (Maats)

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook (Davies)

The Practice of Natural Movement (Le Corre)

The Shallows (Carr)

Civilized to Death (Ryan)

Esther Perel's New Book

Sparks of Genius (Bernstein)

Duel in the Sun (Brant)

Drops Like Stars (Bell)

Less is More (VadenBroeck)

Reclaiming Conversation (Turkle)

Parenting Without Borders (Gross-Loh)

Animals in Translation (Grandin)

Alone Together (Amato)

A Primate's Memoir (Sapolsky)

The Trouble with Testosterone (Sapolsky)

Monkeyluv (Sapolsky)

*Animal Madness (Braitman)

*Beyond Words (Safina)

*Animal Wise (Morell)

The MELT Method (Hitzmann)

*A Perfect Mess (Abrahamson)

Sacred Cows (Teller)

The Book of Doing and Being (Bain)

A Good Man (Shriver)

The Upside of Your Dark Side (Kashdan)

Creative Schools (Robinson)

Mindsharing (Zoref)

The Wisdom of the Enneagram

The Writer's Journey

How We Learn (Carey)

Creativity (Petit)

Dropping Ashes on the Buddha (Sahn)

Alignment Matters (Bowman)

The Wild Oats Project (Rinaldi)

The Men on My Couch (Engler)

The Female Brain (Brizendine)

The Rise of the Creative Class (Florida)

Don't Just Sit There (Bowman)

Age of Propaganda (Pratkanis)

Free+Style (Paoli)

Pronoia (Brezsny)

*Tao Te Ching

*How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia (Hamid)

*The Last Child in the Woods

The First 20 Minutes (Reynolds)

Overcoming Gravity - Updated Edition (Low)

The Tao of Chip Kelly (Saltveit)

Sex Outside the Lines (Donaghue)

Becoming a Supple Leopard (Starrett)

Be Prepared (Greenberg)

First-time Parent (Atkins)

Birthing from Within (England)

Wonder Weeks (Plooij)

(Frank Schaeffer)

Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness (Sardello)

Out of Sorts (Sarah Bessey)


Keeping Up with the Joneses

Life, Animated

Sing Street

The Hollars


The Big Sick


Get Out

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